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Ταξιδεύοντας και δουλεύοντας στην Ε.Ε

Traveling and working in the EU

Traveling and Working in the EU – A Guide to Employment in Europe

Free Movement in the EU

Citizens of European Union member states have the right to travel freely to any other EU country, provided they possess a valid ID card or passport. This right extends to their family members as well. Additionally, there are specific provisions for those who do not hold the nationality of an EU member state. If staying for more than 3 months, a residence permit is required from the competent authorities of the host country, in accordance with the rules of each member state. It is crucial to adhere to each country’s conditions for legal residence and employment of citizens. The Schengen Agreement has revolutionized the situation by eliminating border controls between most member states, allowing unhindered movement. To travel within the EU, a valid passport or ID card is sufficient.

Full Members of the Schengen Agreement: Denmark, Greece, Spain, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy. They form the core of the EU concerning free movement.

Job Opportunities in the EU

Regarding job opportunities in the EU, citizens of member states have the right to reside, study, work, and retire in any other EU country. Many opt for working abroad to enhance their professional development or gain experience in an international work environment. It’s important to consider the specificities of each country, such as customs and culture, for better adaptation to the new environment. There is a high demand for specializations like new technologies, tourism, and agriculture in various EU countries.

To seek employment, citizens are advised to send translated resumes and diplomas to potential employers via electronic applications or postal services. Additionally, other necessary documents such as passport photos, birth certificates, and the E111 form for medical care are required to ensure basic needs are met.

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