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Restaurant Staff

RESTAURANT STAFF (Recruitment-Staffing)
1st Case ……….. 2nd Case
(Supervisor) ………. ……. (Manager)
(Head Chef) …………….. (Head Chef)
(Assistant Chef) ……….. (Assistant Head Chef)
(1st Waiter) ….. (Waiter)
(2nd Waiter) …. (Assistant Waiter)
(Assistant Waiter) ….(Utensil Carrier)
(Trainee) …… (Sommelier)
(Sommelier) ……………… (Sommelier Assistant)
Duties of the head chef during service
Welcomes customers and guides them to their seats.
Takes orders and gives them to the waiters.
Checks the tables and wishes the customers “bon appétit.”
Always covers the gaps of the waiters.
Serves in the case of VIPs.
Accompanies customers upon their departure to the exit.
Listens to customer feedback.
Anticipates anything that needs to happen.
Duties after service
Closes the restaurant.
Checks the tables.
Analyzes the dinner during the evening shift, determines the type and quantity of tablecloths.
The waiter is responsible for a station, which consists of 4-6 tables depending on the restaurant’s category.
Under the waiter’s guidance, the assistants work. The waiter’s duties vary depending on the restaurant’s category. In luxury restaurants, for example, the waiter only serves the dishes or drinks whose orders were taken by the restaurant manager and brought by the assistant from the kitchen or another department according to the order. In simple restaurants, the waiter not only serves but also brings the food, takes orders, and performs various other tasks.
The waiter ensures the proper preparation of their station, organizes and replenishes it with the necessary items, arranges the various utensils.
They do not leave the restaurant when there are still customers at their station. They assist the customer in seating, discreetly and willingly pulling the chair and repeat this action when the customer leaves. The waiter’s cooperation with the assistants and supervisors must be harmonious, and their behavior towards customers impeccable.
The waiter must know foreign languages, take orders easily, be courteous, know the Culinary Art and serving techniques, cooking, beverages, and have knowledge of nutrition. They should be able to perform tasks such as meat and fish carving in front of the customer and generally all procedures that take place in the restaurant. They should pay particular attention to their clean and neat appearance.
Assistant Waiter
The assistant waiter is a delicate position with increased responsibilities. The assistant waiter is responsible for the complete and thorough cleaning of the restaurant’s utensils, furniture cleaning, linen change, proper table setting, and dish transportation (if there is no trainee). Additionally, the assistant waiter takes orders directly from the waiter and forwards them to the kitchen or another relevant department for further processing. They should be familiar with cooking times for dishes, the garnishes accompanying them, and all the details surrounding the food and beverages.
When customers approach their station, they assist them in seating by discreetly pulling the chair. The assistant should be enthusiastic and eager to learn foreign languages, and in general, pay attention to all the details and procedures that take place in the restaurant (such as serving methods, beverage service) in order to continuously improve. They should be distinguished for their professional conscience, willingness, and obedience to their superiors.
Excerpt from the following books by ION Publishing:
Hospitality and Catering Businesses
Hotel Organization and Operation

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