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Looking for work in Austria

Looking for work in another country requires more than just the obvious CV translation. You will be confronted with issues that probably didn't even cross your mind when you decided to go for an international career, but don't underestimate the big impact they can have on the outcome of your adventure! Think for example about the different rules and habits regarding immigration, job application procedures, the selection procedures and the management culture.

Expertise in Labour Mobility has prepared practical fact sheets to support you in your job hunting abroad. A thorough preparation will give you a head start in the country of your choice. Here is some info on Austria:

Work permits in Austria

  •     European Economic Area (EEA) citizens are free to live and work in any EEA country, including Austria.
  •     As a foreigner, however, you must apply for a work permit, issued within six weeks after your arrival / request.
  •     Contact the Austrian Embassy in your current country of residence for more information.

The application procedure in Austria

  •     Prepare yourself for questions about long and mid-term career goals.
  •     Austrian recruiters expect you to indicate your aspired salary - leave room for negotiation though.
  •     Two to three interviews in the context of one application are common practice in Austria.
  •     Key words within the entire application procedure are 'accurate; 'factual', 'well organised' and 'meticulous'.

Writing a resume in Austria

  •     The key focus of your CV is to get the employer to invite you to an interview.  Your CV, therefore, is a marketing tool, which needs to be adapted to the market you intend to use it in.
  •     The Austrian CV can be written either in chronological or in reverse chronological order.
  •     Austrian employers consider extracurricular activities to be of high relevance.
  •     Always attach a passport-size and style photograph with your contact details on the reverse side, to your CV

The application letter in Austria

  •     The letter is typed-written and usually a maximum of one to one-and-a-half pages long.
  •     It should mention your skills in addition to your educational background and previous work experience.
  •     Commonly, the application letter ends with expressing the wish to be invited for an interview.


  •     Display your interest - ask questions.
  •     Negotiate your salary.
  •     Provide examples to prove your achievements
  •     Ask for clarification if you do not understand the question.


  •     Be surprised when receiving an entrance test before the interview.
  •     Be showy and pushy when answering the interviewer's questions.
  •     Sit until invited in an interview.
  •     Criticise former employers.
  •     Go over the top - stay calm and stick to the facts

Management culture in Austria

  •     In Austria a clearly defined distance between management and employee is always visible.
  •     As meetings are usually arranged some time in advance, everyone is expected to be well prepared.
  •     Patience is a key value in the context of negotiations and decision-making in Austria.
  •     Austria is a country with a keen sense for authority - titles should always be mentioned.
  •     Most of the time communication is factual, exact and astonishingly direct - sometimes even confrontational.

This information is based on the Looking for work in Austria guide (ISBN 978-90-5896-062-7), written by Expertise in Labour Mobility and has been used with their kind permission.  

For more information please visit www.labourmobility.com

Expertise in Labour Mobility are a company who specialize in advice and guidance regarding international labour mobility.  Expertise in Labour Mobility assists organizations in their communication with their expatriate population, ranging from cultural management advice and job hunting information to writing complete expat policies and preparing expat tool kits for a wide range of clients.

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