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Looking for work in Cyprus

Looking for work in another country requires more than just the obvious CV translation. You will be confronted with issues that probably didn't even cross your mind when you decided to go for an international career, but don't underestimate the big impact they can have on the outcome of your adventure! Think for example about the different rules and habits regarding immigration, job application procedures, the selection procedures and the management culture.

Expertise in Labour Mobility has prepared practical fact sheets to support you in your job hunting abroad. A thorough preparation will give you a head start in the country of your choice. Here is some info on Cyprus.

Work permits in Cyprus

  •     From the 1st. of May 2004 onwards, Cyprus has been open for EU nationals concerning study or residence purposes. However movement between the former 15 EU Member States and the 10 'new' EU Member States, with regard to work, might still face some restrictions for up to a maximum of seven years after the accession date (1-5-2004).
  •     Contact the Cyprian embassy in your home country for further information.

The application procedure in Cyprus

  •     Use any contacts (your entire network) you might have to find a job in Cyprus.
  •     Sending a speculative application to the local office in which you would like to work is a reasonably successful strategy in Cyprus.
  •     On-line applications are not very common yet.

Writing a CV in Cyprus

  • "The key focus of your CV should be to persuade the employer to invite you for an interview. Therefore your CV is a marketing tool, which should be adapted to the market in which you intend to use it.
  •     Emphasise your education above practical experience.
  •     Mention your English skills on your CV. Languages are considered very important in Cyprus.
  •     Pay attention to the layout and make sure your CV is well structured and focussed.

The application letter in Cyprus

  •     Often, when personal contacts lead to an application, the first phase of having to write an application letter is replaced by less-formal telephone or e-mail contact.
  •     The covering letter in Cyprus should be short and typed-written.
  •     Expand on diplomas and degrees, languages spoken, important skills, and positions held so far.


  •     Learn Greek or Turkish; it is an obvious advantage when applying in Cyprus.
  •     Realise that interviews are the most important part of the application procedure in Cyprus.
  •     Look interested - ask questions in the interview.
  •     Provide examples to prove your achievements.


  •     Sit until invited in an application interview in Cyprus.
  •     Forget to bring copies of your diplomas and references to the interview.
  •     Criticise former employers.
  •     Go over the top - stay calm and stick to the facts.

Management culture in Cyprus

  •     Most companies respect hierarchy, although they are not formal in nature.
  •     The strong division in power, tasks and responsibilities might not be obvious to the outsider.
  •     Despite the warm weather business attire is conventional; light colours and fabrics are common.
  •     Meetings are informal yet practical in nature.
  •     Deals are usually negotiated in person.
  •     Cypriots are generally warm, hospitable and courteous.

This information is based on the Looking for work in the ten EU accession countries guide (ISBN 978-90-5896-084-9), written by Expertise in Labour Mobility and has been used with their kind permission.  

For more information please visit www.labourmobility.com

Expertise in Labour Mobility are a company who specialize in advice and guidance regarding international labour mobility.  Expertise in Labour Mobility assists organizations in their communication with their expatriate population, ranging from cultural management advice and job hunting information to writing complete expat policies and preparing expat tool kits for a wide range of clients.

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